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Adding Captions to a Presentation

It may not immediately come to mind as an engaging feature, but adding captions to a video increases the interactivity within Mediasite. Captions can provide compliance with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as increase the interactivity of a video. By providing speech to text, search results are improved so students can find exactly what they are looking for. With captions enabled, students can also increase involvement in the video by reading the spoken text for any number of reasons.

Mediasite integrates with the following captioning providers:

  • IBM Watson
  • Verbit
  • Cielo24
  • 3Play Media
  • Caption Sync by Automatic Sync Technologies
  • AI Media

And supports direct upload of caption files in the appropriate format.

For all practical purposes, Captions are a method of editing the video. This means that in order to add captions you must have the appropriate level of permission to make edits. Adding captions can be done from either My Mediasite or the management portal will follow the same process regardless of the system.

  1. Select the video you would like to add captions to.
  2. Click Edit Details.
  3. Navigate to the Delivery Tab.
  4. Enable Audio Transcriptions.
  5. Choose how you would like to add captions, either manually upload or through a caption provider.
  6. Select the captioning provider or upload a file.
  7. Click Save to submit the audio track for captioning.

Once the captioning is complete you may receive an email notification.

When adding captions to a video make sure all other editing has been completed before sending it to the caption provider.

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