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Adding Question Sets

Quizzes in a Mediasite presentation are added as question sets directly on the player timeline. The viewer of a presentation is then engaged with the quiz, whether that be a check for understanding or a study guide, at the exact moment needed. In order to add the questions, start off by clicking play on the video preview.

Within the quiz editor the first thing you will want to do is play the video preview. Once you have reached a point in time where a quiz should be added:

  1. Click Add Quiz
  2. Give your quiz a title and description (you can also change the position of the quiz). Then click Done.
  3. Click Add Question
  4. Enter your question and answers
    • You can change the type of question between multiple choice single answer or multiple answer
  5. Click Add Question to add another question
  6. Click Save to continue to publishing the quiz or Save and Exit to return to the presentation details page .

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