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Quiz Results

As an instructor or administrator there are two primary functions that can be taken with quiz results. The first is viewing and reporting results. The second is removing results. Each of these functions is found on a different path from the presentation details.

View and Download Quiz Results

To view and download the quiz results you will start on the presentation details page within My Mediasite:

  1. Select View Analytics.
  2. Click on the Quiz tab.
    • This shows the basic information regarding who took the quiz and when, their score and the time watched.
  3. Select the Details button to view an individual users results.
  4. Click Download Report
    1. You can download the report as either an Excel or XML file.

Remove Results

There are multiple reasons you would need to remove results. It could be a viewer that needs to retake a quiz due to an error, or  removing results from a previous class session or semester. This process begins on the presentation details screen.

  1. Select Edit Quizzes.
  2. Click the Results drop-down.
  3. Choose Clear All Results or Clear Individual Results depending on what results you would like to remove.
    1. Select the users whose results you would like to remove if you selected Individual
  4. On the pop-up notification click OK.

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