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Take a Quiz

Taking a quiz is the viewer facing result of creating and publishing. The way a quiz is presented to the audience is dependent on what options were selected  when it was created. Study-Guide, Assessment, and Scored% will have different requirements for scoring, submitting and editing responses.

On the playback splash screen you’ll see a call out that a quiz is included as part of the presentations. Once playback is started, the quiz points will be shown on the player timeline.

  1. Quizzes will automatically pop up when the timeline reaches the quiz point. Click Take Quiz.
  2. Choose your answer and click Next.
    • Continue to complete all the questions in the Quiz.
  3. Click Continue once all questions are complete.
    • The presentation will continue playback.
  4. At the end of the presentation, you will have the option to review or submit your quiz.
  5. Click Submit Answers.
    • Feedback will be provided depending on the options the presenter selected when the quiz was created.

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