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Using Q&A Live or On-Demand

Q&A is simple to use for both the viewer and the moderator. Viewers can send in their questions to be answered on screen during a live event or as a follow up. For on-demand viewing viewers should expect to receive an answer via email.

To use the Q&A feature of Mediasite you’ll want to be viewing either a live event or have playback started.

  1. Click the speech bubble in the player toolbar.
  2. Enter the required information
    1. Your Name
    2. Subject/Title of the question
    3. The question body. What would you like to ask the presenter?
    4. You can include a time-stamp that the question was asked.
  3. Click Ask Question

Once you click the ask question button your message will be sent to the presentation moderator. In a live event they can field your question and either answer directly or forward it on to the presenter. For on-demand the moderator can follow up with you via email.

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