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JSON and Endpoints

To make a first Mediasite API call, you need to look up the Home API call for your server. You can do this directly in your browser. Go to the following URL:


Home must be capitalized, and when using the Mediasite API always make sure to match the correct capitalization from the documentation.

You should see a long JSON response that will include items similar to:

  • “SiteVersion”:”7.4.3″
  • “SiteOwnerEmail”:example@domain.com

The JSON format has data stored as name/value pairs. So, in this example, this server has a data field called “SiteVersion” and the value of this is 7.4.3. You can also have objects and arrays, which are broken out by curly braces {} and square brackets [] respectively.

“Home” is an endpoint for what you are requesting from the server. Other example Mediasite REST API endpoints are:

  • Presentations to get a list of presentations or to create new presentations.
  • Profiles to get a list of Mediasite profiles or create a new profile
  • Recorders to get a list of Mediasite Recorders on the system.

There are many different endpoints available, and the full list is available from the API documentation on the server itself. (http://SERVER/mediasite/api/v1/$metadata)

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