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Setting up an API Key

Using an API Tool

In order to go beyond the /Home endpoint, you will need to setup a secure connection to the Mediasite server. For that, you need a user account on the server with security rights for “API Access”, and you will also need to create an API key for accessing the server.

Setting up API key

To register a new API key:

  1. Go to http://SERVER/mediasite/api/Docs/ApiKeyRegistration.aspx
  2. Login with an admin account.
  3. Pick any name to describe your usage of the API and click Submit.
  4. Save the resulting API key as you will need it every time you access the API. (I.e. abcdef44-2404-4e24-9931-0191e1003afb)

To simplify testing the Mediasite API capability, we will use the web tool https://hoppscotch.io in these examples. You can use many other tools for this including Postman, cURL, PowerShell, etc.

Setting up Hoppscotch for API

  1. Go to https://hoppscotch.io/ in Google Chrome or Firefox Browser and
  2. Click on the menu in the top right to select Extensions.
  3. Choose the browser you are using and install the extension.

The API calls originate from this extension. You can optionally try to use the Proxy option as well if you do not wish to install an extension.

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