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Create a Mediasite Catch Schedule

Any time Catch is going to be use for recording, the presentations must be created by using schedules. This helps make lecture capture a set it and forget it aspect of recording a class. While schedules are a standard concept within Mediasite, there are a couple of nuances with creating a schedule for a Catch recording.

Creating schedules for Catch follows the majority of steps that would be used for creating any other schedule. There are a few small differences though that are required for the Catch device to capture the recording.

  1. Within the desired folder choose Add New > Schedule.
  2. Click Change Template and select the desired Catch template.
  3. Add a Recurrence to define when the recording will occur.
  4. Complete the Information tab including Title, Description, Tags, and Presenter.
  5. On the Schedule Options Tab, Choose one of the automated recording options.
    1. Create open start and stop recording.
    2. Create open and stop recording.
  6. Choose a Catch Device as the Recorder.
  7. Complete any desired settings and options on the Delivery, Player and Actions tabs.
  8. Save the Schedule

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