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Create Templates

One of the major differences when recording with Mediasite Catch is how templates are used. Catch has got its own specific set of templates that utilize several predetermined settings. These templates are also created following a different set of instructions than what would be used to create a template for recording.

Mediasite Catch templates simplify the pre-recording set up because they don’t require you to create Encoding settings and Stream groups. Instead, they have easy to use options to set video quality as high, medium or low.

  1. In the Management portal, navigate to Settings > Application Settings > Catch.
  2. Select the Catch Template you would like to define.
  3. For Video choose the appropriate high, medium, or low quality setting.
  4. Choose an option for thumbnail generation.
  5. Create and define any presentation actions.
  6. Click Save to apply the changes to the template.
  7. Repeat for any other templates
    • Audio Only
    • Camera Only
    • Desktop and Camera
    • Desktop Only
    • Slides and Audio
    • Slides and Camera

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