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Custom Call Strings

What Are Custom Call Strings?

Custom call strings can be used to automatically route a recording to a specific Mediasite folder during the publishing process. There is no limit to the number of Custom Call Strings that can be created. You are only limited by the number of concurrent calls allowed.  For example, you could have 10 custom call strings shared within your organization with a license for 1 Concurrent Call. This may cause an issue if more than one user tries to place a call to Mediasite Join at the same time.

Uses for Custom Call Strings

Here are some common uses for custom call strings:

  • User Call Strings – Create a custom call string for each Mediasite Join user and have it route to their private Mediasite User folder. This is perfect for users that want to record their own personal meetings.
  • Departments – Give a Department a call string and have it route to a Shared Folder.
  • Rooms – Create a custom call string for each room to route a recorded call to a common shared folder

Create Mediasite Join Custom Call Strings

  • Browse to the Mediasite Customer Care Portal
  • Click: My Services > Mediasite Join
  • Click: Summary
  • Click: +Create under the My Custom Call Strings header
  • Enter the full Mediasite Path you want your Presentation published to. For example:
    • /Mediasite Users/michael.scott
    • /Departments/Marketing
    • /Rooms/Room101
  • Your new custom call string will appear in the list (e.g. 655.abc123@joinserver.sofo.com)

Using Your Custom Call Strings

To use your custom call string, simply:

  • Conduct your call as you did in the previous lesson.
  • Use your custom call string (e.g. 655.abc123@joinserver.sofo.com) instead of the generic call string.
  • After the call is complete, the recorded presentation will show up in the desired folder (e.g. /Mediasite Users/michael.scott)

No changes to the Media Import project are required to use the custom call strings. Only 1 Media Import project is required regardless of the number of call strings.

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