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How Does Mediasite Join Work?

To record your Video Conference or Web Conference call with Mediasite Join, you would follow these steps:

  1. You start your Video Conference or Web Conference.
  2. Once all of your participants are on the call and you want to begin recording, invite Mediasite Join into the meeting.
  3. The Mediasite Join service will show up as a silent Participant on the call.
  4. Mediasite Join will record the meeting’s video and content feeds for on-demand viewing. The meeting can optionally be re-broadcast as a live event if you wish to extend the reach of your call.
  5. You end your Call.
  6. Mediasite Join processes the video and uploads it to your self-hosted Mediasite system or your Mediasite Cloud deployment.

Your recorded meeting will show up in Mediasite alongside all of your other Mediasite Presentations.

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