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Mediasite Join Cloud Setup

After you purchase Mediasite Join Cloud, you will manage the initial configuration of the service through the Mediasite Customer Care Portal.

Configuring Mediasite Join Cloud

Mediasite Join Cloud Setup
  • Browse to the Mediasite Customer Care Portal
  • Click: My Services > Mediasite Join
  • Follow the on-screen wizard until you reach the final Summary This screen will show you all the important information that will be used during the configuration process.
Concurrent Calls AllowedDisplays the number of concurrent calls or Ports your Mediasite Join Cloud contract supports.
SFTP PathYour unique SFTP server path that will be used for importing the recorded Presentations into your Mediasite server using a “Media Import Project”.
SFTP UsernameThe username that will be used for the Media Import Project
SFTP PasswordUnique password used for the Media Import Project.
Call StringsThe default Call String that will be used when placing calls to the Mediasite Join service.
My Custom Call StringAdditional call strings can be created for different users. Each unique call string will publish to a specific folder on your Mediasite server.

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