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Record Your Zoom Meeting

How To Record Your Zoom Meeting with Mediasite Join

Mediasite Join works great for recording your Zoom Meetings.

    • Schedule or manually start your Zoom Meeting.
    • Share your webcam, microphone, and screen.
    • Click: Invite > Room System
    • Click: Call Out
    • Enter your Mediasite Join Call string, or, select it from the drop-down list

How to Stop Recording Your Zoom Meeting

To stop recording your Zoom Meeting with Mediasite Join, you can remove Mediasite Join from the call 2 ways:

  1. Manually Remove the Mediasite Join participant from the call. This option is great if you are done recording a portion of the call.
  2. Click: End Meeting, this will end the Meeting for all participants including Mediasite Join.

After Mediasite Join has been removed from the Meeting, the presentation will be processed and routed to the appropriate folder on your Mediasite server.

The Call String dialed determines the final publishing location of the recorded Presentation. To learn more about Call Strings, click here.

Sample Zoom Recording

Benefits of Recording Your Zoom Meetings with Mediasite Join

The advantage of recording your Zoom Meetings with Mediasite Join are:

  • Use Zoom like you normally would.
  • Your final recording will be a dual HD video recording of your Meeting. One video stream will be of all the participants on the call. The second video stream will show any content that was shared. This is a huge advantage of the composited recordings that the built-in Zoom service offers.
  • Recordings can be automatically routed to your own personal My Mediasite folder.
  • Re-broadcast your meeting live to a larger audience using Mediasite.

Live broadcast requires an optional add-on license for Join Cloud customers. Live broadcasts are included with Join Appliance.

Recording Zoom calls with Mediasite Join requires the Zoom Conference Room Connector

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