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Access My Mediasite from within Blackboard

My Mediasite is used for several reasons including video upload and creation, simple video management, and uploading videos to Blackboard. There are several ways that Mediasite can be integrated with Blackboard which means there are also several ways to access My Mediasite. The most common include from Blackboard My Institution page or under the course tools.

Depending on how your system is integrated there are several ways to access My Mediasite from within Blackboard. The two most Common however are from the My Institution Page and from within a course.

My Institution:

  1. Log in to Blackboard using your instructor credentials.
  2. Select My Institution from the top navigation
  3. Under Tools, locate and Click My Mediasite.

Course Page:

  1. Log in to Blackboard using your instructor credentials
  2. Open a course where you are the instructor
  3. Select Tools from the left-hand navigation menu
  4. Click My Mediasite

If you do not see My Mediasite under My Institution or on a course page, speak to your Mediasite Administrator.

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