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Watch a Mediasite Video within Blackboard

An instructor has the option to embed Mediasite Video Presentations in 2 different places within Blackboard which makes it easy to browse, search and watch video content from any device.

Use a Video Collection in Blackboard

Videos that are recorded from your lecture or created by your instructor may be added to a video collection or channel. This collection can be found in multiple ways in your Blackboard course however, the easiest method is to use the course menu.

To watch a Mediasite video that is part of the course collection:

  1. Open the course from the Blackboard home page
  2. Open the course menu
  3. Select Mediasite Collection
    • This may be named something else at your organization
  4. Select the video you would like to view
  5. Begin playback

View a Video as Course Content

Another method for that your instructor may take advantage of is to add an individual Mediasite video as part of the course.

To watch a video that was added individual to your course:

  1. Select the course from the Blackboard home page
  2. Open the content folder within the course page
  3. Select a Mediasite video and begin playback in a new window or tab

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