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Add a Video to your Sakai Site

There are two methods that Mediasite videos can be added to a Site in Sakia. The first method is to add the video to the Mediasite collection. Students would then see the video as part of the course channel through the Mediasite Videos link. The second option is by adding a link to the video directly on the Lesson page. The advantage of this method is that more context can be added around the video.


Add a Video Presentation to a Mediasite Collection

Collections are an easy way to share video presentations with students. This is a great option for keeping daily classroom recordings grouped together. Adding an existing video is as simple as associating it with the Sakai Site tag and it will show up in the collection.

Adding a video to the collection on a Sakai site is done by associating the video with a module. Within the site:

  1. Select My Mediasite
  2. Open the video you would like to add to the collection
  3. Click Edit Detail
  4. Select Add Module
  5. Choose the module (site)
  6. Click Save

Link to a Mediasite Video on a Sakai Site

An alternative method to add a video to a site is by linking to it directly within the Lessons on a site. This is an ideal option for videos and presentations that require more context around them.

Linking to a video on your Sakai site gives your students a seamless experience when working with course content. Adding a link to a video is done through the text editor tolls:

  1. Select Add Content and choose Add text
  2. Click the ‘Add Content Item’ icon which looks like a shopping cart.
  3. Choose Mediasite Content if there are multiple options.
  4. Choose Presentation to create a link to an individual video.
  5. Click Add To <coursename> then select Presentation Link
  6. Click Save to add the link to the Lesson within the site.

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