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Add Captions to your Video

Adding Captions to your Mediasite Video

Mediasite allows you to add captions to your videos to meet accessibility needs as well as improve search results. Captions can be added in two ways:

  1. Manually: This method allows you to create your own captions using a 3rd party tool.
  2. 3rd Party Captioning Provider: Your Mediasite Administrator has the ability to integrate Mediasite with 3rd party captioning providers that allows you to have captions created for you. Turn-around times and pricing will vary by provider.
  1. Launch My Mediasite from within Sakai
  2. Open the desired presentation
  3. Click Edit Details
  4. Select the Delivery tab
  5. Enable Audio Transcriptions and choose
    • Manually Upload an Audio Caption File
    • Choose a Provider for Captioning
  6. Click Save

Editing Captions on a Mediasite Video

To edit the captions on a video a caption file must already be present:

  1. Launch My Mediasite from within Sakai
  2. Browse to your Presentation
  3. Click: Edit Captions

If you do not see the Caption Editor, please contact your Mediasite Administrator

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