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Search for a Video within Sakai

Mediasite allows students to search not only for videos but also within videos for specific content. Using the search, it is possible to find a video or part of a video based on title, description, closed captions, or slide content.

Search for a video


  1. Open the Sakai site
  2. Select Mediasite Videos to open the course channel
  3. Enter your search term in the upper right search field
  4. Select a video or time stamp to begin playback.

Search Within a video

In many cases you may want to find a specific topic or part of a video or lecture. Within a Mediasite video, it’s possible to search for a keyword that may have been used on the slides or audio captions of the presentation.

Searching within a video will only work if search has been enabled by an administrator. In addition, captions or optical character recognition (OCR) must be enabled for content to search. When a video is playing the search icon will appear on the playback tool bar.

  1. Click the Search icon
  2. Enter a keyword
  3. Click search
  4. Select a result to navigate to that moment in the video.

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