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Watch a Mediasite Video from within Sakai

An instructor has the option to embed Mediasite Video Presentations in two different places within Sakai which makes it easy to browse, search and watch video content from any device.

Video Collection

Videos that are recorded from your lecture or created by your instructor may be added to a video collection or channel. This collection is available within the navigation menu on your Sakai site.

To watch a Mediasite video that is part of the course collection:

  1. Open the site from the Sakai home page
  2. Navigate to Mediasite Videos to open the collection
    • This may be named something else at your organization
  3. Select the video you would like to view
  4. Begin playback

Site Content Pages

Another method for playing video that your instructor may take advantage of is to link to the Mediasite video directly within the Site content pages.

To watch a video that is embedded within your course:

  1. Open the site from the Sakai home page
  2. Navigate to the desired section
  3. Click the video to begin playback

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