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Search Inside Video Content within Canvas

Mediasite allows students to search for videos in a variety of ways. This allows you to find a particular video based on Title, Description, Closed Captions or Slides.

Search for a Mediasite Video Presentation

To search for a specific topic within a Channel of Mediasite Videos:

  1. Browse to Canvas Course
  2. Click Video Collection link
  3. Search for a specific term or keyword
  4. The search results will be displayed
  5. Play a video

Search Within a Mediasite Video Presentation

Many times, you want to find a specific topic within a video. Within Mediasite, it’s possible to search within a specific video for a keyword that may have been used within the slides or audio of the Presentation.

To search within the Captions and OCR a Mediasite Video Presentation:

  1. Start playing an embedded Video Presentation
  2. Click on the Search icon Mediasite Search Button
  3. Enter the keyword you would like to search for
  4. Mediasite will display the results of the search
  5. Click on any of the results to skip to that part of the Video Presentation

If you do not see your Mediasite videos within your course, please contact your Instructor or course administrator.

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