Mediasite Mosaic for Windows

Install Mediasite Mosaic

Mediasite Mosaic differs from the previous version of a personal capture software (Mediasite Desktop Recorder) in that it is not downloaded through My Mediasite. Instead Mediasite Mosaic is found as an app in the Microsoft Store. The primary benefit to utilizing the Microsoft Store is that it will ensure you always have the most current, up to date version of the app. There will no longer be a need to manually download and install the app on your desktop or laptop.

1. Mediasite Mosaic can be found in the Microsoft Store by following the below link.


2. Follow the usual process to install an app on your desktop or laptop locally.

3. Mediasite Mosaic requires Windows 10 version 17763.0 or higher.

Register Mediasite Mosaic

Once Mediasite Mosaic has been installed, the app needs to be registered; the registration process will follow the steps you are used to in My Mediasite with the Mediasite Desktop Recorder.

4. Access My Mediasite and select Add Presentation.

5. Select More Information. Then click Register.

Mediasite Mosaic will launch and be ready to configure a recording. You will know that your copy is registered when you see your log-in username in the upper right corner drop-down.

Configure Mediasite Mosaic

The process to record with Mediasite Mosaic begins with choosing the recording inputs.

6. Choose the audio source.

You can select either a built-in or USB connected microphone.

7. Choose the Camera source.

You can select either a built-in or USB connected camera.

8. Choose the Display source.

The display will allow you to choose either a desktop or  select window.

There is no option to record Slides in Mediasite Mosaic.

The source settings are persistent in Mediasite Mosaic as long as the app is open. You will not need to re-select your recording settings unless you close out of the application.

Recording with Mediasite Mosaic

Since the settings are persistent with Mediasite Mosaic there is no need to follow a wizard style walk-through to begin recording every single time. Instead, recording your display and camera can be done in just a couple clicks.

9. Enter a title for the recording.

10. Click the Record button.

Once the recording begins the app will display a count down from 3 and automatically minimize to the task bar.  The Mediasite icon in the taskbar will include a record icon that indicates recording is in progress.

Clicking the Mediasite icon in the task bar will restore the app.

11. Click the Mediasite icon in the status menu.

12. Click Pause to pause the current recording if you plan to resume it. Click Stop to finish the recording.

13. If prompted, Click Yes to confirm you would like to stop the recording.

The workflow for recording with Mediasite Mosaic supports the ability to create a presentation directly with Mediasite Mosaic or starting from My Mediasite.

Manage and Upload Recordings

Once a recording has been captured you can do some basic video management directly with Mediasite Mosaic. This includes reviewing, deleting, renaming and uploading.

14. Within Mediasite Mosaic select Presentations to see the list of recorded presentations.

15. Click Play to review the recorded presentation.

16. Once you are ready to publish the presentation click the ellipsis.

17. The dropdown menu will have several options to:

  • Delete: This will only delete the local copy of the presentation. If it has already been uploaded to My Mediasite the uploaded version will remain.
  • Upload: This will upload the presentation to My Mediasite.
  • Rename
  • Open in Explorer: This will open the local copy of the recording in Windows Explorer.
  • Open in My Mediasite: This will open the presentation in My Mediasite for further video management. This option will only be available once a presentation has been uploaded.

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