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Create a Template

Templates are not necessarily a component of controlling the quality of a presentation as much as they are an application of the settings. Regardless of how a recording is getting captured, a template is needed to apply several default settings. This includes the number of streams from the stream groups, as well as some additional metadata. Creating templates is similar to creating a blank presentation or schedule however the template is used to ensure the correct quality is recorded on a presentation.

Templates defines a standard of default settings for any presentations created from that template. This includes the streams, player, delivery, actions and some metadata like presenter and tags. You’ll need to have templates at the very least for live broadcasts and or on demand recording. This would be in addition to templates with single or multiple streams. Creating a template for recording starts on the Content Tab:

  1. Navigate to the desired folder.
  2. Click Add New > Template.
  3. Click Select a different Stream Group then choose the desired stream group from the list.
  4. Select one of the video streams and enable slide generation and OCR.
  5. Give your Template a descriptive title and description.
  6. Add a default presenter.
  7. Complete the Delivery Tab, Player Tab, and Actions Tab. Keep in mind all settings will apply to presentations created from this template.
  8. Click Save.

The recommended Stream Groups for a live broadcast Template should include:

  • Video 1 (Camera): 640×360 @ 700 Kbps & 200 Kbps, 30 FPS
  • Video 2 (Content): 960×540 @ 1.5 Mbps & 200 Kbps, 30 FPS

The recommended Stream Groups for on-demand Template include:

  • Video 1 (Camera): 640×360 @ 700 Kbps, 30 FPS
  • Video 2 (Content): 960×540 @ 1.5 Mbps, 30 FPS

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