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Disable Archive

Presentations that are uploaded to the server rather than recorded with a hardware recorder or MDR will, by default, have the Mediasite presentation saved as well as the original file saved as an archive. This setting can end up taking up storage depending on how many videos are uploaded rather than recorded. Within the Management portal it is possible to change this default setting so space is not taken up by archive files.

Keeping the archive file may not be necessary if the original file is backed up at another location. To disable saving the archive file:

  1. Select the Settings Tab > Server Settings
  2. Go to the Recycling Bin section
  3. Under Archive Content choose one of the three options
    1. Keep archive revision indefinitely with presentation: This is the default setting and will save the archive for all uploaded presentations
    2. Disable archive revision: The archive revision will not be saved for a presentation that is uploaded
    3. Keep archive revision for a limited time: You can set the amount of time to keep the archive revision before it is deleted automatically
  4. Save changes

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