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How Much Storage do I Need?

The amount of storage you need is dependent not only on the settings you are using but also on the amount of recording that is being done. As a place to start, the average 2-hour movie on a DVD uses between 2 and 3 Gigabytes of data. While you may not be recording at the quality of a cinematic film, you do want to optimize the balance between storage and quality. The chart below can help to guide you when selecting an appropriate video quality for your storage and recording needs.

Presentation Storage Requirements

400x224200 Kbps2.5150
400x224400 Kbps4.0240
640x360700 Kbps6.2372
640x3601.2 Mbps10.0600
960x5401.5 Mbps12.2732
1280x7203.2 Mbps25.01500
1280x7204.5 Mbps34.72082
1920x10805.5 Mbps42.22532

This chart is for the storage needs of a single video presentation. Presentations that consist of multiple videos and smooth streaming will add to the storage needs. The technical explanation below shows how adding video streams and smooth streaming profiles adds to the storage needs.

If you have a dual video smooth streaming presentation with a 1280×720(3.2 Mbps) and 960×540(1.5 Mbps) profile the storage needs will be approximately 4,464 MB/hour

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