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Create a Reoccuring Schedule

Schedules are one of the most common methods for recording a classroom. This is partly due to the amount of customization and options that are available to meet any needs. Another reason for the popularity of schedules is the fact that they are reoccurring. This means that as an admin, once a schedule is set up, all recordings will be taken care of on a regular planned interval.

Creating a schedule is similar to creating a blank presentation with a few variations to add some automation to your recording. Working from within the desired folder in the management portal:

  1. Click Add New > Schedule.
  2. Select the desired template.
  3. Choose a publishing option.
  4. Click Add Recurrence to set a date, time and recurrence of the schedule.
    • Choose a day and time to start the recording.
    • Set an end date.
    • The duration is in the format of hh:mm.
    • Under the repeat’s dropdown, choose how often to record.
    • Set the day of the week, month or year for recording.
    • Click Save.
  5. Complete the Information Tab.
  6. On the Schedule Options tab set the Presentation naming.
  7. Choose a Recorder Operation.
  8. Select a recorder for the schedule.
  9. Complete the Player and Delivery tab as typical.
  10. Click Save to create the schedule.

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