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Mediasite Recorder Configuration Security Certificates

Mediasite Recorder Statuses inside of the Mediasite Video Platform require Security Certificates and secure remote connection settings to the servers.You can configure the Recorder’s remote security settings to require full SSL for transporting video and controlling the Recorder. It is recommended to use High – Full SSL for Recorders in a widely accessible environment. Low – No SSL can be used in a trusted, secure environment.

To update a Recorder’s remote security level:

1. Click Remote Access and navigate to Security Level.

2. Select one of the following options:

    • High-Full SSL: Select this security level to secure all communication between the Recorder and the browser running the remote recorder interface. Images and web service calls are encrypted using SSL.
    • Low-No SSL: Select this security level to have all communication between the Recorder and the browser running the remote recorder interface sent across the network unencrypted. Select this level when using the Recorder in a trusted environment.

Optional: Install Trusted Certificates on the Recorder

Mediasite recorders ship with self-signed security certificates.  If you wish to use your own “Trusted” certificate on the Mediasite Recorders, please see KBA:  https://support.sonicfoundry.com/knowledge/article/000003956


Import and bind third-party certificates:

You will go to the Remote Access page to import and bind third-party certificates to your Recorder. Make sure the location containing the certificate is accessible from the device or computer on which you launched the Recorder interface.

1. Click Remote Access and navigate to Configure Third Party Certificate on the page.

2. Click Select Third Party Certificate and navigate to the third-party certificate you want to import. Once you select it, the name of the file appears in the UI.

3. If the certificate is password protected, enter the password.

4. Click Bind Certificate. You will see messages indicating the progress of the uploading and binding of the certificate.

5. Click Launch IIS Manager to bind the imported SSL certificate using IIS Manager.

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