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Logging in with Single Sign-on (SSO)

Single Sign-on or SSO is a common way to sign in to Mediasite at large corporations. Common SSO systems may include Office 365, ADFS or Shibboleth. If you have heard your co-workers mention these systems, there is a good chance that Mediasite could be integrated with SSO.

When Mediasite is tied in with SSO, instead of needing to remember a Mediasite specific login and password, you will be automatically redirected to your standard corporate login page to enter your normal username and password.  After successfully authenticating, you will be redirected back to Mediasite.

Browse to My Mediasite
  1. Open your web browser and type in the My Mediasite website URL.  My Mediasite, the application typically resides at: http://mycompany.com/mediasite/mymediasite

If you have previously logged into an application that supports your corporate SSO, you will be redirected to My Mediasite (See Step 4).

Login to My Mediasite with SSO

2. Enter your standard Username and Password.

Logging Into My Mediasite

3. You should now see My Mediasite.

If you receive an error during this process, please contact your Mediasite Administrator. Your account may not be granted access to My Mediasite. Or, it may be possible that My Mediasite is not integrated with SSO properly.

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