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Add an Existing Video to Your Canvas Course

Previously created Mediasite Video Presentations can be added to your Canvas course in 2 ways. You can:

  1. Add the Presentation to a Mediasite Collection
  2. Embed the Video within a Canvas Course Page

1. Add a Video Presentation to a Mediasite Collection

Collections are a quick and easy way to share Video Presentations with your students. Simply associate an existing Video Presentation with the Canvas Course and it will show up on a single page with any other Mediasite Video Presentations that have been associated with the Canvas Course.

In order to associate a Mediasite Video Presentation to a Canvas Course Module, you will need to:

  1. Browse to Course Page
  2. Click: Mediasite Collections link in the Navigation (e.g. Mediasite Videos), this will create the Course Collection and associated Modules within Mediasite. Please note, this only needs to be done one time.
  3. Click: My Mediasite
  4. Find your desired Presentation
  5. Click on the Title of the Presentation
  6. Click: Edit Details
  7. Associate the desired Canvas Course Module to the Presentation
  8. Click: Save

2. Embed the Video within a Canvas Course Page

If you want, you can also embed your Mediasite Video Presentations within a specific part of a Canvas Course Page. This makes it easy for your students to reference a video within the context of the Course.

To embed your Mediasite Video Presentation within the Canvas Course Page:

  1. Browse to Course Page
  2. Click: Edit Canvas Edit Page Button
  3. Place the cursor where you want to embed your Presentation
  4. Click: Mediasite icon Insert Mediasite Presentation Button
  5. Click: Presentation
  6. Search for your Video Presentation
  7. Click: Embed > Presentation
  8. Click: Save, to save the changes to the Canvas Course Page.

If you do not see the Mediasite icon in the text editor, please contact your local Mediasite Administrator.

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