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Upload a Video from Your Phone to Canvas

Using your iPhone, iPad or Android device is a great way to capture high-quality video. Once you’ve recorded a video, uploading it to Mediasite and publishing it to your Canvas course is easy. Also, once it’s been uploaded to Mediasite, you will be able to secure the video and capture viewer statistics just like any other Mediasite Video Presentation.

1. Browse to a Canvas Course on Your Mobile Device

Browse to Canvas Course on your mobile device

2. Click: My Mediasite From Within Your Course

Launch My Mediasite

3. Click: Add Media Click Add Media

4. Click: I want to upload a file from my device

Upload a Mediasite Video

5. Press: Photo Library (on iOS) to select a previously recorded video

Choose location of Video from Phone

6. Enter a Title, Description and optionally choose an existing Channel.

Enter Presentation Details

7. Click: Create Presentation Create Presentation

8. Wait for the video to upload and be processed. We recommend being connected to WiFi while uploading.

Wait for Video to Upload

9. You Mediasite Video Presentation is now available for Viewing. Feel free to Edit the details of the Presentation as necessary. View these courses if you want to make advanced edits, trim the video with the Web Editor, or add captions to your Mediasite Video Presentation.

Edit video in My Mediasite if needed

10. Once your Presentation is ready for sharing, don’t forget to make it Viewable. From My Mediasite, click: Edit Details, then set the Visibility to: Viewable

Make Presentation Viewable

11. Add your Video Presentation to a Video Collection or embed it into a Canvas Course Page.

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