When Mediasite Mosaic is set up, recording can be as simple as clicking the record button. However, for the best experience, starting from My Mediasite creates a more complete workflow.  

The best way to record with Mediasite Mosaic is starting from My Mediasite.  

  1. Log in to My Mediasite.  
  2. Go to Add Presentation > Capture Video 
  3. Enter a presentation Name and optionally Description and Destination. Then click Create and Launch. 
  4. Set the Recording inputs for Microphone, Camera, and Display if they have not already been set.  
  5. Click Record. 
  6. You will get a countdown from 3 and Mediasite Mosaic will minimize to the task bar when the recording has begun. 
  7. Once you have completed the recording, open Mediasite Mosaic from the task bar.  
  8. Click Stop. 

The recording will automatically upload to My Mediasite

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