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Upload Video

Regardless of how a video was created, whether it be through a Mediasite tool like Mediasite Desktop Recorder or Mediasite Mosaic, a built in screen recorder, a third party tool like Adobe Premier, or through your mobile device the next step in the process is to get that video in to My Mediasite. Once of the most basic ways to get a video in to My Mediasite is to utilize the Upload New Video feature. Since there are so many methods to create a video, Mediasite supports all the most common file types including MP4, AVI, MOV among others.

For a full list of supported video file formats review KBA3799.

Once you are in My Mediasite, you will utilize the Add Presentation page and Upload features. To add a new video to Mediasite:

  1. Click Add Presentation.
  2. Select Upload New Video.
  3. Find your video file.
  4. Click Open.
  5. Give the presentation a Title, optional description and save location
  6. Click Create Presentation.
  7. Wait for the video to upload and process.

Once the video has completed processing, you will see a video preview and have all the functionality to Manage the video including adding engagement and including it as part of a collection.

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