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Change Default Visibility Preference

After a video is uploaded to My Mediasite, it may be set to Private by default. This can lead to issues when sharing since only the Owner of the presentation (that would be you) can view it.

If you would like all of the videos that you upload to My Mediasite and all of the Video Presentations you create with Mediasite Desktop Recorder to be Viewable by default, you can make these changes.

To have a Video Presentation set to Viewable by default, follow these steps:

  1. Log into My Mediasite
  2. Click on the … button > My Settings
  3. Click: Publishing
  4. Select: True for both combo boxes
  5. Click: Save

If you and a few of your co-workers think the Video Presentations should be set to Viewable by default, you can ask your Mediasite Administrator to change the default settings for the entire system.

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