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Link to an External Video

Rather than simply uploading a video to Mediasite an additional method to add presentations is to link to an external video. This could be a video on YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion or HiHaHo. When videos are added as external content they exist as a Mediasite presentation that can be included in collections like a channel.

From within My Mediasite, linking to an external video is an easy way to include content in a collection that comes from another site like YouTube. To add an external video:

  1. Click Add Presentation.
  2. Choose Link External Video.
  3. Paste in the Video URL or embed code.
    • The video thumbnail and Name will populate automatically.
  4. Optionally, change the name, description and destination.
  5. Click Create External Video.

Mediasite supports external videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and HiHaHo.

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