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Add a Mediasite Channel to Blackboard Ultra

One of the best uses of Mediasite with Blackboard is to have all recorded lectures and classes automatically publish to the course within a collection. Before getting the recordings in to the collection, most often a Mediasite Channel, the Channel needs to be created and added to the Blackboard course.

Adding the Mediasite Channel ensures that every class recording is available to student automatically. You can add the Channel to the course similar to how you would add any other type of content.

  1. Click the   symbol to add content Item and choose Content Market.
  2. Click the + symbol of the Mediasite Collection too.
  3. Make the Channel visible to students.
  4. Rename the channel if you desire.

If your classes are scheduled to be recorded by a Mediasite Administrator and do not automatically show up in the video collection, talk to them about having your video presentations automatically tagged so that they show up in the video collection immediately after the recording is published.

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