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Search for a Video within Blackboard Ultra

Mediasite allows students to search not only for videos but also within videos for specific content and keyword. Using the search, it is possible to find a video or part of a video based on title, description, closed captions, or slides.

Search for a Video in a Collection

Searching for a video can be done within the collection in Blackboard.

  1. Open the course in Blackboard Ultra.
  2. Select the Mediasite Collection from the list of course content.
  3. Enter the search term or keyword.
  4. Select a video or time-stamp to begin playback.

Search Within a Video

In many cases you may want to find a specific topic or part of a video or lecture. Within a Mediasite video, it’s possible to search for a keyword that may have been used on the slides or audio captions of the presentation.

Searching within a video will only work if search has been turned on by an administrator, and captions or optical character recognition (OCR) has been enabled. When a video is playing the search icon will appear on the playback tool bar.

  1. Click the Search icon.
  2. Enter a keyword.
  3. Click search.
  4. Select a result to navigate to that moment in the video.

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