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Using In Video Quizzes within Blackboard Ultra

Using quizzes within a video is a great way to test your student’s knowledge and understanding of the content presented in a video. With Mediasite it’s easy to pull the in-video quiz results back to Blackboard Ultra. All that’s needed is a video that has a quiz and the ability to post content to your course.

Post the video to Blackboard Ultra

In order to have the quiz results from a video post back to the LMS the first step is to publish the quiz to the video. This is done withing my Mediasite. Details on publishing a quiz to a Mediasite video can be found in the lesson Quizzing.

Once the quiz has been published, the video can be posted to Blackboard Ultra as its own content item in the course. To post the video, follow the steps for posing a video to Add a Video to your Blackboard Ultra Course.

In order to pull the grades from an in-video quiz back to the LMS, the quiz must be published to the video before the video is posted in the LMS.

Publish Results to Gradebook

Adding the in-video quiz is only half the process. Once the quiz has been completed by students, the next step is to get the results posted to the gradebook. This is all done from the quiz results page within My Mediasite.

Starting from the Blackboard Ultra Course page:

1. Open the course and institution tools and click My Mediasite from the available tools.

2. Select the video that was posted with in-video quizzing.

3. Navigate to the video analytics using the View Analytics link.

4. Select the Quiz tab.

5. Select the desired or all results to post to the gradebook.

6. Click Post Score to Gradebook.

7. Within the LMS, confirm scores were posted.

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