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Add a Mediasite Screencast to Open LMS

If you want to quickly record a Video from your Mac or PC from within Open LMS, it’s easy with Mediasite Mosaic. Mosaic allows you to capture a variety of sources from your own Mac or PC:

  • Audio
  • Audio and Screen
  • Audio and Webcam
  • Audio, Webcam, and Screen

Starting Mediasite Mosaic

If you want to record your screen for a course directly within Open LMS, follow these steps:

1. Browse to a Open LMS course

2. Click: My Mediasite

3. Click: Add Presentation

4. Click: Capture Video


5. Enter a Presentation Name

6. Click: Create and Launch Create and Launch

7. Start Recording with Mediasite Mosaic

This will launch the Mediasite Mosaic allowing you to record your own Audio, Webcam, and Desktop. For more information on using the Mediasite Mosaic, check out these Courses:

If you do not see the options for Mediasite Mosaic within Open LMS, please check with your Mediasite Administrator

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