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Upload a Video to Open LMS

Uploading your first video to Open LMS is easy through the use of My Mediasite. Mediasite supports the upload of multiple file types including MP4, FLV and AVI. Most videos that are recorded with a phone or created within a 3rd party tool like Adobe Premiere, Apple iMovie, or any other video editing software should be able to be uploaded to Mediasite.

Upload a Video Direct to Open LMS Course

Uploading a video to Open LMS is the easiest way to get content that has been recorded or created into your course. This allows you to share videos quickly and easily with students. Uploading a video is done directly within Open LMS by utilizing My Mediasite.

  1. Locate the course and section you would like to add your video content in Open LMS.
  2. Select Create learning activity where you would like to add the video to the course.
  3. Choose Mediasite Content from the list of Activities.
  4. Click Upload.
  5. Choose Upload New Video.
  6. Select a file from your computer and click Open.
  7. Give the video a Title and Description.
  8. Once the has been uploaded, click: Add Presentation to Open LMS, then select your desired embed type (e.g. Player Only).
  9. Save the Activity to make it available for students to view.

A full list of supported file types that can be uploaded can be found in KBA3779

Upload a Video to My Mediasite

If you plan on making edits to your video or posting it within the course collection or channel, it’s best to upload the video to My Mediasite first, then complete the process to edit or publish

Adding a video to My Mediasite will have you starting on the course within Open LMS:

  1. Select My Mediasite from the navigation.
  2. Click Add Presentation.
  3. Choose Upload New Video.
  4. Select the file you would like to upload and click Open.
  5. Enter the name and optional description.
  6. Click Create Presentation.

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