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Creating a Video Assignment in Open LMS

An advantage of integrating Mediasite with the Open LMS is the ability to bring the built in engagement of the LMS and Mediasite together. The prime example of this is the video based assignment. As an instructor you can create an assignment that will require a video to complete. Students will then need to create and upload a video through Mediasite to complete the assignment. Completing a video assignment can be broken into three processes.

  1. Create the video assignment
  2. Submit a video
  3. Grade the video assignment

In this process, the instructor is responsible for the first and third step while the student is responsible for the second. This lesson will focus on creating a video assignment while the next lesson consists of grading video submissions. The lesson for submitting a video assignment can be found in the section of this course dedicated to students.

Creating an assignment where your students will submit a Mediasite video is a few simple changes to the process you already know for creating an assignment. You will begin on the course page with editing turned on.

  1. Locate the section within a course and select Create Learning Activity.
  2. Choose Assignment from the list of activities
  3. Complete the assignment information as you normally would
  4. Under Submission types, select Online text and uncheck File submission
  5. Under Submission settings, select Yes for Require students to click the submit button
  6. Click Save and return to course

Once the assignment has been created it will be available to students within the date range of availability chosen.

Check with your LMS Admin to ensure that Mediasite video assignment submission is available on your course.

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