Recorder 7.3.3 (June 2019)


Recording presentations may not always go as planned. While it may not be common, everyone has seen a situation where the presenter was out of view of the camera or their desktop was captured but not the presentation slides. In these types of situations, Mediasite has made it possible to remove the undesired content stream from a video post-recording. This allows you to edit the presentation before uploading it to your Mediasite server.

Doing this requires access to the recorder interface. On the Presentations Tab:

  1. Select the desired presentation that you would like to remove a content stream from
  2. Choose More > Remove output
  3. An option below the video will appear where you should select which output(s) to remove
  4. Click Save a copy
  5. Enter the name for the new presentation and click Apply
  6. Once the copy is saved it can be published to the server.

Presentation Management

The release of Mediasite Recorder 7.3.3 comes with several features that enhance the management of presentations stored on a recorder. Namely the deletion of presentation has become more streamlined through two updates.

Delete Presentations

The first of these updates is the deletion of presentations locally on the recorder. When using the Delete button, the presentation will be permanently deleted from the recorders hard drive rather than moved to the recycling bin. This will immediately free up the storage and saves the need to take further action and empty the recycling bin.

Deleting a presentation from the recorder hard drive will not delete the published copy from the MVP server.

Schedule Deletion

The other feature added for presentation management simplifies the need to remove presentations that have been published to the Mediasite Server. Under Disk Management in the recorder Settings, it can be set to delete published presentations on a daily basis. When selecting to delete successfully presentations a time will also need to be set. It is recommended to set the time when the recorder is not in use i.e. early morning or late at night.

Recorder Shell

It may not seem like a major update at this point in time but accessing the recorder interface has changed slightly. When a recorder is launched, rather than loading the interface and preview window, the Recorder will load a configuration screen allowing you to monitor the Recorder if needed.

The recorder shell offers a base platform where you can launch the Recorder UI, view the recorders details, and access the support portal for Mediasite Monitor. When the recorder interface is open you can return to the Recorder shell by clicking the X in the upper right corner.

With future planned updates the recorder shell will be an important feature that allows further development and improvements to how a recorder is accessed and monitored.

Disable Recorder Home Page

If a monitor is connected to the recorder as a confidence monitoring tool, it is possible to change the setting so the recorder preview will open automatically. Changing this setting will make the recorder behave more similarly to older versions of the recorder software and open the recorder UI on start up. This setting is built into to Setting tab of the Recorder interface.

  1. Navigate to Settings > General Options
  2. Under User Preferences, check Auto-start Recorder UI
  3. Reboot the recorder to apply the changed settings

The recorder will then boot up directly to the recorder preview.

Recorder Sleep Mode

Several versions ago, a sleep mode was added to the recorder preview to help conserve CPU, Network, and power. By default, this sleep mode will turn on after 15 minutes of inactivity on the recorder. Once an action is taken on the recorder (mouse movement or start a recording) the preview would be displayed again. This feature is like a screen saver for the recorder preview window. In 7.3.3 there is the ability to change when the sleep mode will turn on.

  1. Navigate to Settings > General Options
  2. Under User Preferences select the Turn Preview off after drop-down and select a time
  3. Reboot the Recorder to apply the changed setting

For a full list of the features and improvements that are included in the release of 7.3.3, please review the release notes (Log-in required)

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