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Audio Source Options

The audio source, like the video source, has multiple options for how it may be connected to the recorder. While video may have multiple sources directed to the recorder, audio typically only has one source directed to the recorder. In most recording settings the audio is captured through a microphone on the presenter or podium. If there are multiple microphone sources needed, it is best to have the microphones attached to the recorder via an audio mixer.

Audio sources can be connected to the recorder via:

Breakout Cable

The breakout cable that is included with some models of recorders can be used to connect either RCA (unbalanced) or XLR (balanced) audio.

  1. Audio input to the recorder
  2. RCA (unbalanced) line in
  3. XLR (balanced) Line In
  4. RCA line out to room speakers or headset


In the case that your video device is also capturing audio, i.e. a camera with a microphone built in, you can have the audio come in through either HDMI or SDI. Since the audio is coming through the same cable as video there is no need to add an additional input, however, you will need to select the correct source when configuring your recorder in the next steps.


USB is a standard connection type for many peripheral devices including, mouse, keyboard, storage drives, cameras, and microphones just to name a few. The use of USB audio is only recommended when it is paired with a USB camera. Audio connected through USB may not sync properly if the video is connected through HDMI, DVI or SDI.

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