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The DVI port is where you will most often connect a content source like a laptop, podium PC or splitter. DVI is defined s Digital Video Interface. It is another method for transmitting video digitally from a video source to a video display. Most often it is seen and used when connecting a computer to a monitor. With your recorder there are several adapters to convert HDMI, RGB (VGA), and YPbPr (Component) to DVI which give you several options to connect a video or content source.

HDMI-DVI Adapter

RGB (VGA) – DVI Adapter

YPbPr (Component) – DVI Adapter


HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface and is a digital connection type that transmits video and audio from a connected source. In a consumer context it is often a Blu-ray player or cable box connected to an HDTV. For the use of a Mediasite recorder, you can connect a video source like a camera, computer monitor or video mixer using HDMI.


A content source can only be connected to the recorder via USB when paired with a USB-HDMI adapter. This adapter is included with the RL Mini however they can also be purchased for other recorder models.

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